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PROgrass durable and realistic artificial grass.

PROgrass artificial lawns and turf

PROgrass artificial lawns and turf for commercial, domestic, and sports use.

PROgrass is a new brand type of artificial grass and replica lawn. Available in four grades, each with its own special application.

These hard wearing artificial grasses, initially designed for sporting uses, are increasingly being used in leisure areas, whether it be roof garden or a lawn.

Incredibly flexible, PROgrass artificial lawn products are very easy to use and install. They will give you years of use, even in the most demanding of situations.

See below for more details on the four types of PROgrass and suitable applications.

Artificial Grass from TreeLocate - ProGrass

Premium Artificial Grass products from TreeLocate

Prime – 11mm
Ideal for pathways, putting greens, play areas and general landscaping. Very hard wearing.

Prime – 24mm
Fibrillated grass which is ideal for play areas and general landscaping. Fibres break down with wear and tear to give a very realistic look.

Premier Lux – 35mm
A luxury lawn with an infill already sewn in to look like root stock. Incredibly soft and lush and life-like in look and feel.

Premier – 40mm
A bi-colour monofilament grass which requires a sand or rubber infill. Ideal as a lawn or sports surface, plus, ultra soft and lush.